Let's talk content strategy in the education sector

ContentEd is a two-day conference (London, 29-30 June 2017) that leads the dialogue around the development and advancement of content strategy in the European education sector.

Content strategy as a discipline is maturing and evolving all the time. But until now there has been a lack of dialogue specifically addressing the discipline through a single conference format in the education sector in Europe. That’s where ContentEd comes in. 

ContentEd is brought to you by the team at Pickle Jar Communications, the leading UK-based content strategy consultancy to the education sector. For almost nine years, we’ve been developing content strategies for schools, colleges and universities around the world. In that time, we’ve spoken at and attended excellent conferences covering content strategy generally, or covering the topic for the education sector in North America. Confab Higher Ed does a wonderful job in the USA, but there was nothing similar for the European education sector, or an event that includes schools and further education in that dialogue. That’s where ContentEd comes in. 

After returning from delivering the opening keynote at Confab Higher Ed in the USA in November 2016, our CEO Tracy Playle decided that the time is right to launch a content strategy conference for the education sector in Europe. So, here we are. 29-30 June 2017, in London. 

Content strategy is a broad cross-discipline process and practise. When executed well, a content strategy should deliver many benefits to your school, college or university, including:

  • Brand and messaging consistency
  • Brand visibilty and findability
  • An excellent audience experience
  • Content that attracts your audience to you and makes them love you
  • Content that gives your audience exactly what they’re looking for when they are looking for it
  • Content that is accessible, accurate and legally compliant
  • Content that performs well and is up to date across a range of different platforms and locations
  • Consistency and integration across different platforms, online and offline
  • Content that is understood not just by humans, but also by machines and algorithms
  • A workforce of content creators that are on-message, on-brand and creating consistently great content
  • The ability to properly and effectively measure and evaluate the performance of your content
  • Cost savings and more efficient practises for producing, managing, maximising and maintaining content
  • And many more…

Through the ContentEd conference, our speakers will address a range of topics to help your school, college or university achieve some or all of these benefits of getting your content strategy right. 

The conference will consider the full spectrum of content strategy from editorial and content marketing, to technical considerations. In doing so, the conference will appeal to a range of professionals in and working with the education sector, from marketing officers to developers. And through the topics discussed, we’ll cover a broad range of organisational objectives common to the sector: recruitment marketing, alumni engagement, fundraising, and so on. 


With thanks to our sponsors