Discover how to build a team of student ambassadors – the Swedish way

With just a quick glance at Study in Sweden‘s Snapchat and Instagram accounts, you’ll instantly see what it’s like to study at a Swedish university through the eyes of international students. Both of their accounts are completely managed by their student ambassadors, giving prospective students a taste of what their future university life could be like. With over 15,100 followers on Instagram, Rachel and Doug know exactly what works for their audience and have developed a team of student ambassadors to help them create authentic content for their channels.

On day two of ContentEd, Rachel and Doug delivered a two-hour workshop that helped delegates create a student ambassador programme with a Swedish twist. With the help of their very own student ambassadors, they explain below why you should attend their session, and purchase one of the remaining tickets for ContentEd.

ContentEd is back in London next year on 14-15 June. Booking is now open for ContentEd 2018. Want to join sector experts in content strategy in June? Book your 2018 ticket now.

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