Keynote: The Endless Sea

Euston Room

Content wants to be connected. Understanding how subjects concepts and ideas are related is how we build understanding. The richer our connections, the greater our perspective.

Content strategy gets the right content to the right people at the right time, wherever they are. So content must be available everywhere, pushed out to the edges of the network and richly interconnected. It’s the relationships that make it a web. The learning is in the linking.

But what’s the right content? Who are the right people? Here too, relationships drive the answer. The relationships we build with our customers. Success in marketing comes from understanding customer needs and preferences, and providing something of meaningful value. If we can connect to people, we can better connect them to more valuable information.

Let’s explore a potted history of those who changed the world by connecting content and connecting people. Their lessons can help us better understand how to design and structure our digital communications to better flow through the tributaries of the network and join an endless sea of information.