Andy Blair

Director of Marketing
University for the Creative Arts

Andy Blair is Co-Chair of the ContentEd Conference.

With over 18 years experience in the UK Higher Education sector, Andy Blair has held director-level roles since 2005, starting his career within student advocacy and Students’ Union management and subsequently transitioning into market development and communications disciplines.

Andy’s career continued at the University of Surrey during a meteoric rise in student acquisition – spearheading the ‘Create Wonder’ brand position and go-to-market campaigning as Deputy Director of Marketing, Interim Director of Marketing & Communications and latterly the Head of Brand, Content & Creative.

In 2014, he took up his current role at the University for the Creative Arts as Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment & Admissions and member of the University’s Leadership Team, bringing together Global Student Recruitment, Admissions, Internationalisation, Content, Communications and PR, Web Development, CRM and Marketing through integrated campaigning under one departmental structure.

A regular speaker and panel member at CASE Europe conferences and Higher Education Marketing events, Andy has a particular interest in ‘personal brand positioning’ in Higher Education and brand and content development more widely. He also happens to own the largest Higher Education Marketing & Communications group on LinkedIn with over 21,000 members world-wide.

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Welcome Back and Introductions

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Breakout 3c – Building your team around a content-first approach

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In a team structure where roles and responsibilities focus on specific channels or mediums, so many opportunities for creating great content can be missed. Instead, many organisations are now starting to rethink their team structures, opting for a content-first approach to planning, which ultimately requires us to rethink how we structure our teams. Having been a […]

Breakout Session

Welcome and Introductions

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Setting the Context: Defining the Importance of Content Strategy in Education

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