Gemma Moore

Freelance Content Strategist and Trainer

Gemma Moore’s spent the last 10 years working content magic for top brands, charities and government departments on a range of projects including migrations and restructures.

Gemma has an impressive client list, including information providers, Cancer Research UK, Gov UK, NHS and the Department for Education alongside big brands like Barclays, Vodafone and Johnson and Johnson, and many top agencies.

With such a mixed bag of experience, Gemma’s gained valuable insight into how different content works – or doesn’t work – and she shares this knowledge as a consultant and trainer.

Special powers include reducing content down to its pure essence, managing tricky stakeholders and translating jargon into plain English.

Gaining trust to make changes that matter

Breakout 3b: Gaining trust to make changes that matter


When you’ve got a lot of content, it can be tempting to just keep adding more to the pile without considering how it complicates the user’s journey. All too often, we see it stuffed in anywhere, like round pegs in square holes. And it just doesn’t work. So when you get briefed to sort out […]

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