Tim Senft

Digital Communications Director at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University

Tim Senft is a writer and content strategist, currently working for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences¬†at Cornell University. For two decades, he has communicated to internal and external audiences for individuals, institutions, and academics in a variety of formats: print, speech, web, and social. He’s an old punk and a nerd. If there is something you’d like to know about comic books, role-playing games, or the history of punk rock, just ask.

My Sessions

Breakout 1c: Slay the Snail: Innovate in an Innovation-Unfriendly Environment


Higher education moves at an uncomfortably slow pace. Whether it’s design-by-committee or wait-until-next-year’s-budget, keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape is difficult. When a team in flux was asked to produce a brand new thing-with-many-parts quickly, the project could have been devoured by the snail of higher ed. Luckily, I run Dungeons and Dragons […]

Breakout Session