Three reasons why you should attend ContentEd

ContentEd is the first true content strategy conference for web, communications, marketing and development professionals in the European education sector. It took place on 29-30 June 2017 in London – and is happening again on 14-15 June 2018! ContentEd brings together some of the finest speakers from the UK, Europe and the USA to discuss how we can advance content strategy in education. If that in itself isn’t enough of a reason to attend, here are three reasons why you should:

  1. To compel and to convert, our content must stand out

    Estimates as to the volume and growth of content online vary wildly, but at a reasonable guess it’s suggested that the volume of online information doubles every three years. And that doesn’t account for deep web content, or take into account the myriad of offline content that our audiences are also consuming. Forget brand and product competition, we live in a world of ever-growing content competition and to reach our audiences we must stand out.

    From creative storytelling, to content structuring to ensure your content is ready and optimised for ever-changing algorithms and applications, the ContentEd conference will explore how to make your content stand out to your audiences in a world of content overload.

  2. Personalisation is here and now – but what are we really doing about it?

    We sometimes talk about personalisation like it’s just around the corner. And when we do it in our organisations, we often limit ourselves to personalisation based on basic demographics. But personalisation of digital content has already been around for years, and is commonplace on major platforms and amongst major brands. Aren’t we also major brands, running and organising major platforms?

    In the complex environments of the education sector, with our vast and wildly varied audiences, adopting personalised approaches to thinking about how we plan, create and distribute our content is essential if we’re ever to deliver true and deep relevance and meaning to those audiences. Supporting the development of your organisation’s content strategy – as well as developing a deep understanding of those audiences – is a key theme of the ContentEd conference.

  3. In a sector that demands efficiency, why aren’t we demanding this of our content?

    Every single day those of us working in the education sector are met with the growing demand of working more efficiently. It’s not just good business, it’s our social responsibility to work smarter and more efficiently. But are we really applying this to the way that we treat content?

    At ContentEd we’ll consider how we move towards smarter content approaches, from smart content modelling and structuring, to workflow and governance, to omni-platform publishing and digital asset management. In doing so we’ll think about how we can start to view content not as individual isolated “pieces”, but as a connected ecosystem that makes our work more efficient and our content more reliable and adaptable.

And if none of that really convinces you, there will be food. Plenty of food. And London. Lovely London. Find out more about ContentEd 2017 on our website.

ContentEd returns next year on 14-15 June! If you want to join us for ContentEd 2018, be sure to book your single and team delegate passes now.


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