Measuring Content Success

We all want to make our content the best it can be, but how do we know that what we create is doing its job? There’s no point spending time and energy on amazing content if we don’t measure its performance and learn how to improve. We need to think about our goals, audiences, and platforms long before we put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Join us in London for this one-day workshop on 26th October 2017 to learn how to put measurement at the heart of your content strategy.

What will we cover?

Why is measurement so important to a content strategy?
Persuading others that measurement is valuable – and not scary
What metrics do we need to track? What can we ignore?
How audiences affect what we measure
Setting goals for our content – and meeting them
What tools can we use for measurement?
Going beyond digital measurement to offline metrics
How to report what we measure to others in our organisation
What to do with successful – and unsuccessful – content
How to help others measure more effectively


Where and When?

Thursday 26th October 2017

10:00 – 16:00

etc Venues
Bonhill House
1-3 Bonhill Street 




Your workshop will be facilitated by Robert Perry, Head of Research for Pickle Jar Communications.
Find out more about Robert here.  



£250 + VAT per person for credit card bookings
£300 + VAT per person if booked by invoice 

Please refer to our workshop terms of booking for our booking and cancellation policies.   







Contact the ContentEd team with any questions about this workshop.