​Are you considering submitting a session proposal to speak at ContentEd?

We find that many of our speakers face the same challenges when developing a session proposal, so here are a few top tips to help you pitch us something irresistible.


Tell us a story

Don’t just tell us about good storytelling techniques, show us.

Drop us in to your situation at the point of greatest tension. What was the problem you were facing? What did your institution stand to lose if it wasn’t sorted? What risks might face your audience members if they don’t take the actions you’re suggesting?

Now you’ve got space to tell us how the heroes of your story overcame the various hurdles in their path to reach a happy ending.


The good, the bad and the ugly

On the subject of happy endings: we all love being inspired by success stories. If you’ve worked on a project recently that you’re really proud of, or that really demonstrates best practice in action, why not take a chance to show it off?

However, this is also a space to be honest about the things that haven’t gone so well. If you’re feeling brave, why not let us learn from one of your mistakes by sharing a project that didn’t go to plan. With more people than ever espousing the ‘fail fast, fail often’ mantra, it’s time to start coming clean about our failures – deliberate or otherwise.


A call to action

Make sure you’re clear about what your listeners can, or should, do differently as a result of what you’ve shown them. ContentEd is all about bringing people together to share practical tips and tools, new ways of thinking and fresh approaches that they can take back to the office with them.

This might include interactive elements during the sessions that ask your listeners to start applying your insights to their own situations. We’re open to as much audience interaction as you are willing to include.


We also offer more guidance on what to include in your session proposal.

If you’re still feeling unsure, or want some more advice on how to craft your session, remember that all speakers that are accepted onto the programme have the option of one-to-one mentoring with a member of our team. You bring the enthusiasm and ideas, and we work with you to sort that pesky PowerPoint or overcome your stage-fright.

If you’d like to advance your knowledge of content strategy, you can find out more about ContentEd, book a ticket to our next conference, or take a look at our blog.


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