Code of Conduct

We have developed a set of rules that we ask all guests of ContentEd to follow. This will allow a safe and enjoyable space for all guests to be a part of.

The ContentEd Code of Conduct applies to everyone and to all spaces in which conference conversations take place (the conference venues, Slack, Twitter, etc). The Code of Conduct is outlined as follows:

– ContentEd is designed to be a safe and welcoming space for all, free of harassment, disrespectful or threatening behaviour.

– We ask that all participants treat each other with compassion and kindness, creating a welcoming and warm environment for everyone from the most seasoned conference attendees to conference first-timers.

– We expect everyone to behave in a professional manner, and recognise that they are representing their employer organisations by attending this event and should behave appropriately.

– We encourage open debate, questioning and dialogue in a polite and respectful way. This means asking questions at appropriate times and not interrupting others when they speak or present.

– Discussions and questions during scheduled sessions should focus on asking clear questions of speakers and other participants, or sharing relevant insights. They should not be used as an opportunity for self-promotion or promotion or a company, service or product.

– We ask participants to respect each other’s privacy and identity with respect to images or comments shared online.

– We ask that where speakers and other delegates make comments under “Chatham House Rules” or expressed confidentially, that no such comments be reported on social media or repeated outside of the session that you are in.


What to do if you experience or witness any inappropriate behaviour

Should any guest of ContentEd feel uncomfortable at any time or see another guest act inappropriately or break the code of conduct, please follow one of the procedures:

– Report the incident to a member of staff. Volunteers and Pickle Jar Communications staff will be wearing teal t-shirts or you can do this through the Slack channel.

– If you would like your comments to be anonymous or do not feel comfortable speaking to someone in person, please use our contact us form on the website. Please use “” as the email address. The inbox will be monitored throughout the conference and will be picked up by a member of the team. 

All reports will be treated with strict confidentiality. Reports of harassment will be heard and acted upon immediately. This may include asking individuals to leave the conference without a refund of their conference fee. In extreme cases, this may result in reporting the individual to their employer’s HR department or the police.