ContentEd 2019

ContentEd relocated to Edinburgh to bring together delegates from all across the world interested in advancing content strategy in the education sector.

In June 2019, the third ContentEd conference moved from London up to Edinburgh, Scotland. It brought together 300 delegates, speakers and sponsors from across the globe from nearly 120 organisations to discuss content strategy within the education sector.


Over the course of two days, delegates plunged themselves into an intense learning experience, attending keynote, breakout and panel sessions. 

ContentEd 2019 featured five keynote speakers from the sector and beyond, who covered topics on creativity, accessibility, storytelling and more:

Anne-Marie Imafidon –Head Stemette and Co-Founder, Stemettes

Austin Kleon – Writer, Artist, Speaker, Author

Tracy Playle – CEO & Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

Michael Powers – Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Sarah Richards – Consultant and Founder, Content Design London


Five images of keynote speakers. From left: Anne-Marie Imafidon, Austin Kleon, Tracy Playle, Mike Powers, Sarah Richards



ContentEd 2019 was hosted at a new venue in Edinburgh, Scotland – Dynamic Earth. Nestled at the bottom of Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park, the five-star attraction was the perfect setting for learning, creativity and exploration.  


What our delegates had to say…

“The conference was the best one I’d been to all year, the people were welcoming, there was no ‘small talk’ – I had really valuable conversations with like-minded people.”

“The fact that there is a high-quality conference focusing on digital content in higher education. I haven’t come across one like this yet and it’s a blessing to have this forum to hear from and share thoughts with other HE content people.”

“Met so many inspiring people, made new friends, had so much fun and learned so much. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world.”

“Honestly, the quality of speakers and attendees. Every conversation was enlightening. This industry is the best, and so many bright minds were at this event.”

“Came away feeling re-energised about content with good tips to use in day-to-day work, perfect!”



Thank you to our ContentEd 2019 sponsors – without your support this event could not have been the success that it was. If you are interested in sponsoring our future conferences, please get in touch to learn how to get involved.


ContentEd 2019 gallery

The excitement of ContentEd 2019 was captured by our photographer, TyneSight Photographic Services. You can view and download all of the images from ContentEd 2019 on their website.

A collage of images of people speaking and ocnversing at ContentEd 2019.