How have you seen content strategy change in the past year?

In the latest instalment of our Ask The Experts series, we asked our speakers to share great examples of how they’ve seen content strategy develop in the past year. 

They discuss user-centred content, corporate storytelling and how their teams have developed to embrace social media and the higher education community online. 

Rob Mills
Head of Content, GatherContent

I think the lines are becoming blurred between disciplines, in a good way. It’s important not to get bogged down in the semantics of job titles, but it is interesting how content strategy, content design, content marketing and content operations all fit together and overlap.

My pet peeve is blanket statements on Twitter putting down one discipline or another when really, we need to work together. I also like how UX is becoming more entrenched in content practices rather than being seen as ‘that thing over there.’

Cameron Pegg
Content and Storytelling Strategist,

The time of genuine corporate storytelling has arrived! As a journalist, this warms my heart.

Tracy Playle
CEO and Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

A couple of years ago we tried to recruit a new Senior Content Strategist to the Pickle Jar Communications team. We realised that so few people were familiar enough with the role and title that we actually had very few applicants. We had to re-advertise the role disguised as something else – “Digital Communications Consultant” I think – in order to get anyone to even apply. We’ve just recruited again to the same post and had an amazing response, this time calling it what it is – a Content Strategist. 

So, for me a big shift has been in the understanding of the profession, the skills involved, and that this is a valid career choice. Although there are some people out there that still think it’s just about copywriting. But not the ContentEd crowd!

Kezia Falconer
Student-Alumni Engagement Officer, University of Glasgow 

In terms of alumni relations, I think we’re seeing a positive, significant move towards digital engagement in what is widely appreciated as quite a ‘traditional’ area of HE. We like our reunions of 1968 chemistry graduates, we like our hard copy magazines, we like our ‘notable alumni’ webpages… but we’re definitely seeing things evolve to engage the vast amounts of younger alumni coming through.

Natasha Quinn
Internal Communications Officer University of Glasgow

In social media, I think we are seeing support from senior management growing as more members of our senior team join Twitter to take part in higher education conversations. It’s even starting to become a bit of a friendly competition in who has the most followers! Also, we’ve seen organic reach on Facebook decline (as I’m sure everyone has!) making the focus on creating shareable content that really engages our audience more important than ever.

Robert Perry
Head of Research, Pickle Jar Communications

One of the biggest things I’ve seen is a real move towards user-centred content, backed up by data and user feedback. We all know that’s what we should be doing, but it seems like people are finally starting to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. And people are starting to understand which data points are actually valuable in working with content, instead of just recording and reporting everything just because we can.

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