Breakout 1A: Telling stories at scale

Everyone’s got a story, and your university surely has thousands. But too often, we scramble to find good content to fill our social, web, and media channels. In that scramble, we may end up publishing content that doesn’t engage our audiences—or help our university’s brand—the way we need it to.

At IUP, in support of a major rebranding effort, we set out to solve this challenge. By creating a “story pipeline,” we’ve been able to capture more story leads and better shape our story output to represent the university as a whole. The process hasn’t been easy. But the lessons we’ve learned along the way will be helpful to anyone seeking to set up a similar system at their own institutions.

What you’ll learn:

– What stories are and aren’t and ways to get your team to come together around a definition that works for them.
– Assessing your current story output to make the case for change.
– Introducing your creatives to the ideas of workflow and content ops.
– Creating formulas that make storytelling easier.
– Bringing story content into non-story formats.

Key takeaways

1. What stories are (and aren’t) and why they are so important to your university’s brand
2. How to create a story pipeline to keep your channels full
3. Ways to bring storytelling elements into content all sorts of content, not just those traditionally associated with stories