Breakout 1C: Strategic storytelling: listen, empathise, execute, repeat

Great storytellers come from all walks of life. There’s the English major with a love for the written word. The once-librarian focused on organising and cataloging information. The creative visionary with an enthusiasm for art direction and narrative. And, of course, the journalist/reporter, constantly on the hunt for a new lead.

Even when we fit into one or more of these molds, we all have weak spots. Some of us struggle with process-related tasks like structuring and governing content. Some of us need tools and resources to support the creative side of our content. Some of us need help tying our efforts to a larger strategy.

Great storytellers aren’t perfect, and good stories aren’t an exact science—but there are plenty of ways to improve. This workshop is designed for storytellers aiming to sharpen their skills, embrace their weaknesses, and have an open dialogue around how we can work smarter.

Key takeaways:

1. Great stories require creativity + process + strategy

2. Think big picture while completing detailed content operations

3. Don’t throw strategy out the window when you hit on a great narrative.

Track C: Creating Compelling & Inclusive Content