Breakout 2B: Making content design happen: getting your governance and workflow right

Adding content designers to your team is a great start. But lots of organisations think that this in itself will lead to great content.

In practice, if the governance and workflow aren’t designed (and executed) properly, your content designers won’t do much content design. Instead, they’ll spend their time negotiating with stakeholders, compromising, and publishing content that’s maybe 5% better than what you had before.

This session covers the principles of good workflow and governance, as well as the main reasons why some content projects work and others don’t.

Padma will share lessons learned from his work on projects such as GOV.UK, the University of Southampton’s OneWeb alpha and the digital transformation project of the Irish health service.

Key takeaways:

1. How governance and workflow relate to each other

2. How to set up a governance model for your organisation that lets the content team focus on creating quality content instead of pleasing internal stakeholders

3. How to set up a workflow that ensures the governance policy works in practice and content is created and managed efficiently and to a high standard.

Track B: Managing People & Processes