Breakout 2d: Planning Content that Can’t be Planned: Embracing and Embedding Reactive Approaches in your Content Strategy


Content and communication strategies force us to plan, schedule and look ahead. But how do we plan for the content opportunities that we, in fact, can’t plan for? The topical trends, the breaking news moments, or the super-special moments of direct interaction with our audiences? It’s equally important to ensure that we plan time and resource for creating reactive and interactive content.

Through this session we will share case studies of how the social team in particular at the University of Glasgow have allocated resource and planned to creating meaningful content for individuals within the University’s global online community. We’ll share our experiences, what works and what doesn’t, and how we measure and understand tangible results of a reactive element to our content strategy and editorial planning. We’ll also consider how to use direct online engagements to inform our understanding of audiences on a whole different level.

Key takeaways

1. A better understanding of good quality reactive content and the importance of having direct conversations with your audiences
2. Case studies of how we create content, the workflows we use and how you can adapt it to your own content planning
3. Technical tips, what hardware and software we use on a daily basis to achieve quick turn around on content

Breakout Session