Breakout 2D: Developing a university content strategy: six key questions

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As a large university communicating to numerous audiences with differing needs, we recognised the need for a content strategy framework that empowered teams to develop individual strategies that joined up into an overarching plan.  This session will describe the process of developing a framework, the key questions involved, the implementation process as well as the benefits the content strategy framework brings.

The session will share the Sheffield Hallam University experience and approach but also consider overarching questions and solutions that apply to any education organisation so that you can implement your own framework.

Key takeaways:

1. To be able to develop a content strategy that works across all university audiences it is vital to develop a framework

2. The framework empowers marketers to develop their own audience specific strategies while still working as a cohesive organisation

3. Efficiencies are made in terms of join up of messaging and content outputs with clear metrics in place.

Track D: Embedding Strategic Thinking