Breakout 5A: Beyond Templates: Build a playbook and toolkit for successful websites

Ever been frustrated by providing templates and training only to see people still create terrible websites? Every leader who shapes or manages the web presence of a complex organisation wants to deliver a powerful online experience, one that reflects the brand, attracts people and delivers great service at all levels – from the main gateway to the smallest department. If your web presence is larger than what one small team can manage, you’ve probably adopted a distributed governance model – you’ve given different sub groups or units some level of responsibility for their part of the website.
But doing distributed governance well is hard. In this presentation I’ll share a model of collaboration, empowering units and individuals to successfully execute digital strategy, without necessarily having to become web experts. It involves creating a playbook, toolkit and training curriculum to better equip leaders and website owners across the organisation.

Key takeaways

1. Templates and CMS training are utilities – necessary infrastructure – but they’re not strategy. Your website owners and content contributors need strategy and process too.
2. What goes into a good playbook, toolkit and training to equip owners and contributors with strategy and process.
3. Practical first steps to adopt this model in your organisation.