Breakout 5A: Data, insight, strategy: what board games can teach us about the future of Martech

Salisbury Suite
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If higher education was a board game, how would you win?

The first time you play a game you may just learn the rules. But as your knowledge increases, you begin to identify the strategies necessary to win. Whether by counting the cards or memorising two-letter words, gathering data is more likely to lead to victory.

In higher education, I often hear colleagues say ‘yea, I’ve had some basic training in analytics, but I don’t really understand what I’m doing.’ How then can we use the data and teams we have to gain insight and, ultimately, win the game we’re playing?

In this session, we’ll explore the barriers and possibilities that a data-driven and technology-assisted approach offers us, from setting up automated workflows to analysing user behaviour on our online course pages (yes, all 300+ of them!) We’ll also question our own fear of the future: will automation make us redundant? Will algorithms we don’t understand trap us within an echo chamber?

Whether you’re an enthusiastic data geek or secretly trying to hide your fear of analytics and automation, this session will share a fresh and accessible perspective on how we can all be more data-driven.

Key takeaways

1. A fresh perspective on how you can use data to inform your strategic thinking

2. An update on trends within MarTech

3. A clear idea on what problems a data-driven approach can help solve – and those that it can’t

4. A way to convince your colleagues to adopt a more data-driven approach with you

Track A: Making Smart Content Decisions