Breakout 1c: Slay the Snail: Innovate in an Innovation-Unfriendly Environment


Higher education moves at an uncomfortably slow pace. Whether it’s design-by-committee or wait-until-next-year’s-budget, keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape is difficult. When a team in flux was asked to produce a brand new thing-with-many-parts quickly, the project could have been devoured by the snail of higher ed. Luckily, I run Dungeons and Dragons games. Learn the methods, process, and strategy used to defend against and appease the terrible beast and not split up the party.

The ILR School at Cornell University is part of an Ivy League research university with a global reputation and the desire to be viewed as a thought leader and trailblazer. This can create a level of cognitive dissonance in web, marketing, and communications staff tasked to battle the slow-paced system. Learn helpful ideas to innovate quickly in a culturally and technically (Drupal) complex ecosystem.

Key takeaways

1. Examples of strategy documents
2. Methods to help you to innovate quickly in higher education projects and campaigns
3. Learn why Dungeons and Dragons matters for advancing your content strategy


Breakout Session