Breakout 2a: Designing an Effective Content Measurement Strategy

The Auditorium

You have access to more data than ever before, but is it making your content better? Unless you have a content measurement strategy in place, probably not!

This session will walk you through the creation of an effective measurement strategy that supports your existing content strategy. Starting from your goals, we’ll look at techniques you can apply throughout the content lifecycle:

– Developing key performance indicators that match your organisational goals and user needs
– Using analytics and site search data to supplement your user profiles and stories
– Using keyword research to build search-engine optimisation into your content from the get-go
– Using post-publication behaviour data to understand the ROI of your content
– Developing a sustainable data collection strategy
– Creating a reporting system that allows people in your organisation to make better content decisions.

Integrating analytics and other measurements into your content strategy practice can both create better content and help you justify your content strategy efforts to your boss and colleagues.

Key takeaways

1. How to plan for and strategise your measurement as you would any other part of your content strategy.
2. How to use simple measures, applied thoughtfully and strategically, to produce great results. You don’t need to be an “analytics ninja” to improve your content with measurement!
3. An approach to measuring ROI on content that can help build support for content projects.

Breakout Session