Breakout 2b: Telling the Birkbeck Story: How Customer Journey Mapping Helped us Develop our New Approach to Content


The quality of prospective student experiences can have wide-ranging impacts, most obviously on recruitment but also more widely on reputation and retention. In an age where digital pervades everything, the challenge of ensuring great experiences is more important, and more complex, than ever. Universities therefore need to be able to analyse and shape student experiences.

In this presentation, we will unpack our use of customer journey mapping (CJM) and show how this translated into the new content design of Birkbeck University of London. We’ll review some of the benefits that can be expected from CJM and discuss how to optimise application of the technique. We will also review some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Key takeaways

1. An understanding of what CJM is and why to use it
2. An understanding of how to maximise the value of using CJM while avoiding pitfalls
3. Evidence and lessons from Birkbeck’s use of CJM

Breakout Session