Breakout 3A: Leading content first: bringing content design to stakeholders, designers, and developers

When your organisation signs on to content-first without a good understanding of the process, chaos reigns. More organisations today see the benefit in a content-first approach to redesigns, products, etc. but struggle to bring leadership and colleagues along. This confusion causes budgets and timelines to be blown, teamwork to break down, and stakeholders to feel out of the loop.

Amy Grace experienced this while working on a redesign that included nearly 30 distinct content types and learned the important lessons the hard way – something she’d like to help you avoid.

Key takeaways:

1. Understand the key pitfalls content-first projects face during a project timeline.
2. Arm yourself with exercises that let stakeholders, designers, and developers understand content design.
3. Confidently lead content-first projects that future-proof content and create dynamic user experiences.