Keynote: Leading Content, Leading Change

The future is bright for us word people. UX writing has been hailed as a hot new job in tech. Content design roles are sprouting up way beyond You can probably even mention content strategy in a meeting without everyone staring at you like an alien. Go, us!

And yet, we’ve got lots to worry about. Inequality is rising. Climate change is already affecting vulnerable communities. Big tech has enabled all kinds of surveillance and harassment. Here in England and Wales, hate crimes have doubled in the past 5 years. And politics? Well, you know.

So as our practice matures and our careers gain clout, it’s time to ask: what sorts of leaders do we want to be? We could stick to the status quo, working our way to corner offices and fancy titles (even when our companies are doing evil). But what if we instead applied the same skills that make us great at content—skills like clarity, empathy, collaboration, and facilitation—to making our organisations more humane, inclusive, and ethical? In this talk, we’ll explore how to do just that—and maybe even redefine who and what a “leader” looks like in the process.