Keynote: “If they would just listen to us…”: turning client relationships into collaborations

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You’re smart. (You do work in higher ed, after all.) You know your stuff. You have ideas. New ideas. Good ideas. And yet—your clients (internal or external) don’t want your ideas. Or your style guide. They know what they want: the same thing they’ve been doing for the last ten years. Why won’t they just listen to you?

The answer is finding ways to turn client relationships into real collaborations. When we move from a conformance mindset to a collaboration mindset, we can find ourselves in the position to do our best work—work our clients will love.

What you’ll learn:

*How to move from a conformance to a collaboration mindset

*Using workshop techniques (like job stories, pair writing, mad libs, and more) in meeting settings

*How to uncover the real problems your clients are facing, and solve them—together.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understanding how collaboration differs from other ways of working together and how to encourage collaborative relationships with your internal clients
  2. How to apply workshop techniques in non-workshop settings to make meetings productive work sessions instead of impediments to productivity
  3. Techniques for refocusing clients from immediate needs and deliverables to the underlying problems our work really needs to address.