Ayala Gordon

Head of Digital
University of Southampton

Ayala is Head of Digital at the University of Southampton, a research-intensive university and founding member of the Russell Group in the United Kingdom. Ayala is a digital marketing practitioner who spent the past 20 years working in both in-house, freelance and agency-side roles, before joining the University of Southampton in 2017 to lead a multidisciplinary team of experts and deliver complex digital change programmes and strategies.

Under Ayala’s leadership, the University of Southampton committed in 2018 to undertake a content-first digital transformation project.

My Sessions

Breakout 3D: Your big content project has been approved, now what?

Salisbury Suite

Share your feedback on this session So you’ve got your big digital transformation project approved. The vision is bold, executives’ expectations are high, all eyes are on you. Now what?   We don’t talk enough about what happens after project sign-off, how to help our teams when they deliver the change, and what we can […]

Track D: Embedding Strategic Thinking