Ayala Gordon

Head of Digital
University of Southampton

As Head of Digital for the University of Southampton, a research-intensive university and founding member of the Russell Group in the United Kingdom, Ayala’s focus is on digital services for the many different user groups the University serve, while developing the user centred design disciplines across the organisation.

Ayala previously spent many years working in both in-house, freelance and agency-side roles, before joining the University of Southampton in 2017 to lead a multidisciplinary team and deliver a complex digital change programme and strategies. Under Ayala’s leadership, the University of Southampton committed in 2018 to undertake an ambitious transformation programme, OneWeb, where users are at the heart of every product they create and evolving their technologies to deliver best in class user experiences.

My Sessions

Breakout 4B: The Goldilocks principle – when the conditions for change are “just the right amount”?

A growing number of Higher Education organisations go beyond the content ‘face lift’ to truly transform their digital presence. But the inconvenient truth is that most digital transformation programmes usually fail in some way or other. And they fail for some pretty consistent reasons. Most organisations and teams have limited capacity for change. Agile digital […]