Candi Williams

Content Design Manager & Strategist
Nationwide Building Society

Candi is a born again content lover and psycholinguistics geek based in Bristol.

Having graduated with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, she’s been obsessing over the endless power of good, clear communications for over a decade. 

Day-to-day, she wears her Content Design Manager & Strategist hat for the world’s largest building society. By night, she writes books with three published and counting.

When not waging the war against unnecessary jargon and inaccessible, head-scratching content, you’ll find her geeking out at talks, desperately trying to meditate more or seeking out more bright coloured wares.

My Sessions

Breakout 4A: Interaction modes: what they are and how they could help understand your users better and make your content more purposeful

Ever looked at a persona and thought ‘cool story’ but what do I do with this information? Chances are, that’s because it centred on generic demographics, rather than rich insight about how your users think, feel and behave. Flipping this issue on its head, interaction modes are a simple tool to help you get to […]