Danielle Lapham

Ass. Head of Campaign Marketing & SEO

Danielle is a London-based search specialist who has worked in digital marketing since 2010, delivering PR and marketing strategies, and optimising digital channels for varied product launches from STEM mobile apps to RFID technologies. She specialises in strategic content marketing management and delivery, SEO, mobile app growth and user acquisition.

Danielle’s mainstay is the education sector, where she currently manages all organic and paid search optimisation outputs for the Hotcourses Group brand, connecting students to prospective higher education opportunities across both domestic and international markets.

My Sessions

Breakout 4D: Design Thinking to power your content strategy

Biosphere Blue

Share your feedback on this session ‘Design Thinking’ is a method and a mindset that starts with an understanding of human needs and motivations to define, frame, and solve problems. While design thinking is a hot topic in product design, this talk seeks to apply the same techniques in order to power your content and […]

Track D: Embedding Strategic Thinking