Georgina Brooke

Project Manager and Content Creator
Gardens, Libraries and Museums of Oxford University

Georgina is working on a two-year project to move the Gardens, Libraries and Museums of Oxford University onto a new web platform. Her role in this project is to conduct user research and – from that – develop a new content strategy including navigation, content design and in developing workflow and governance policies and training so that staff can begin to monitor, develop and own content in their sections in line with the stylistic principles of the site as a whole.

My Sessions

Breakout 1d: Developing an Effective Content Strategy in Large Organisations

The Auditorium

In Content Strategy for the Web, Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach identified four components of developing a content strategy: substance, structure, workflow and governance. Our tendency in developing content strategies is to dive head first into the content components (substance and structure), and address the people components after, if at all. But in a large […]

Breakout Session