Hanna Loraine

Digital Communications Specialist
University of the Arts Helsinki

In her current role Hanna is responsible for the development of the University’s digital content and platforms. She is currently leading on a redesign and transition project to deliver a new user-focused website for the University and increasing the organisation’s digital capability by setting best practice for the devolved publishing community.

With a background in web news journalism, Hanna has 10 years’ of experience in the UK education sector. First, training staff in Higher Education to create better web content, and then as part of the University of Bath’s digital team where she championed user-centered content, developed a cross-institutional content strategy for digital research communications, and helped the wider content community identify user stories and use them to design better content.

Hanna is well versed in using data to inform content decisions, making the case for change and convincing stakeholders to get on board.

My Sessions

Breakout 5C: Implementing user stories – theory vs. reality

User stories are the bread and butter of all content strategists but are not necessarily such for the wider content creating community in a public organisation. This is our story on how we started an organisation-wide mindset change on web content at the University of the Arts Helsinki. It’s not been an easy journey. On […]