Joel Goodman

Bravery Media

Joel G Goodman is a digital strategist, designer, and front-end developer, and the principal founder of Bravery Media. He spent six years working in higher education web marketing at two institutions driving web marketing, branding and strategy aimed at increasing both student enrollment and alumni engagement before starting Bravery in Austin, Texas. Joel holds a master of arts degree in media studies from The New School for Public Engagement in New York City where he researched transnational media messaging and semiotics in digital media.

My Sessions

Breakout 2c: Content-First Design: What Does it Really Mean and How Can it Enhance the Audience Experience?


The great communicators and designers of the world start their projects in the proper place: content first, always. This thinking tends to make content strategists happy, but rarely are they included in the design process. Content-first design demands the inclusion of those content strategists and creators from the start. Imagine a university website rebuilt with […]

Breakout Session