John Hill

Head of Content
Pickle Jar Communications

John Hill is Pickle Jar Communications’ Head of Content, designing and leading content campaigns for the companies clients at education institutions around the world. He is a trained journalist with more than a decade of experience at newspapers across the UK. He has also created hyperlocal projects for sport, tech and business, and has produced content for events in locations including London, Bangkok, Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur.

In 2017, John trained on the East Coast of the USA with producers and creators from leading podcasts such as Reveal, The Moth, HowSound and Planet Money. He has used this expertise to create podcast training for universities, and advise creators, companies and researchers on how to produce better audio stories.

My Sessions

Breakout 3C: Your events deserve better content


Share your feedback on this session Events can be fascinating places to explore different perspectives, discover new ideas, and meet future collaborators. But without good content, they’re using a fraction of their potential. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can create outstanding content for events of all sizes, using tried and tested techniques from […]

Track C: Creating Compelling & Inclusive Content