Jonny Williams

Head of CRM, Creative Services and Content
Keele University

Jonny Williams is the Head of CRM, Creative Services and Content at Keele University in the UK. An award-winning marketing professional, he has a passion for creative content and digital innovation that was sparked when he started his first business at the age of sixteen and was only strengthened while studying BA and MA Film.

As someone driven to seek solutions to any problem, Jonny has used his entrepreneurial spirit to push forward innovation throughout his career in freelance, agency and in-house settings. In his time away from work you’re likely to find Jonny binge watching video content of all varieties or stepping away from a screen and visiting epic places.

My Sessions

Breakout 5C: Emotion is a superpower: why emotional honesty in our content can define our relationships

Biosphere Blue

Share your feedback on this session In a world full of robotic content, emotion might just be able to save the day. This session will make use of classic superhero tropes to creatively illustrate exactly why showing our true feelings as institutions can set us apart and allow our stakeholders to build respect and trust […]

Track C: Creating Compelling & Inclusive Content