Krispijn Smith

Content Strategist

Krispijn is a content strategy consultant with Presenter, an online communication agency from The Netherlands. He has worked with organisations ranging from The Dutch Royal Library (KB), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) to Moneyou, Nutricia and Mercedes Benz.

Having studied literary theory, he has always been passionate about storytelling and the different ways you can communicate your message to achieve your goals. In the past few years he has presented successful workshops about starting an online store, creative writing and SEO. Being a part-time writer and (mostly imaginary) rockstar, he loves to tell a good story in the spotlight.

He lives in Houten (a suburb south of Utrecht) with his wife (Ramona), 2 sons (Samuel & Mees) and 2 rabbits (Roos and Loki) and when he is not strategising content he likes to read and write weird fiction and make extremely loud rock music with his band.

My Sessions

Breakout 5D: Make your content strategy fit

Don’t worry, this is not a workout session. We all want our content strategy to result in meaningful, helpful and inspiring content. But it can be hard to match your organisation’s purpose with your audience’s needs. How can you make meaningful content if your organisation doesn’t exactly know where they fit? Fortunately, there are value […]