Mark Bennett

Head of Content
FindAUniversity Ltd

Mark holds a PhD in English Literature, specialising in C18 travel writing (feel free to ask him). His own journey has passed through various research and teaching roles at different UK universities, before arriving at FindAUniversity in 2014 where he leads the content team: informing, engaging with and advocating on behalf of prospective postgraduate students. He is also a regular speaker on student recruitment and education policy.

My Sessions

Breakout 3C: Knowing their unknowns: understanding information needs to deliver meaningful B2B & B2C content

All content succeeds by understanding and meeting the information needs of its audience. Research into the habits and aspirations of ‘Generation Z’ and associated audience personas provide education content marketers with a short-hand for anticipating these needs – up to a point. This session will present a case study for dealing with audiences for whom […]