Mike Powers

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Mike Powers is Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an award-winning higher ed speaker. A former academic, Mike has worked for IUP since 1999, and started managing its main website in 2007. Since then, he’s overseen IUP’s transition to a content management system and then to a responsive site, put IUP on social media, worked on IUP’s smartphone app and student portal, and managed many other projects. As executive director, he manages a team of creatives working in media from digital to print to video to social media. He’s been using the term content strategy to describe much of what he does since sometime in 2010.

Mike has presented at eduWeb, High Ed Web, the Penn State Web Conference, Digital Summit Atlanta, Content Ed, and several varieties of Confab. He designed the Higher Ed Experts course “Web Writing for Higher Ed,” a four-week course on web writing for higher education. He’s also a dad and a musician.

My Sessions

Keynote: “If they would just listen to us…”: turning client relationships into collaborations


Share your feedback on this session You’re smart. (You do work in higher ed, after all.) You know your stuff. You have ideas. New ideas. Good ideas. And yet—your clients (internal or external) don’t want your ideas. Or your style guide. They know what they want: the same thing they’ve been doing for the last […]