Pamela Agar

Associate Director for Projects (External Relations, Communications and Marketing)
St George's, University of London

Pamela Agar is a digital communications specialist and project manager with over 20 years of experience in the education and charity sector. She spent 10 years as Head of Digital and Creative Media at Imperial College London where she was responsible for its web presence, social media, video production, photography, print production and brand. While at Imperial, she led directed website redesigns, the launch of a revamped news channel and student blogs, and an award-winning institutional magazine.

Following 18 months as Managing Director of Pickle Jar Communications, Pamela has focused on digital project management. In 2018, she led a website transformation project for the Francis Crick Institute and now works on with other clients including St Paul’s Cathedral and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). Pamela is also currently working at St George’s, University of London directing an institutional website and intranet redevelopment and other communications projects.

My Sessions

Breakout 5D: Connecting your content: how to save time and improve content quality through structured content and taxonomy

Biosphere Green

Share your feedback on this session The concepts of structured content, taxonomy and ‘create once, publish everywhere’ are common themes in content strategy. The promise of saving your time and improving your content quality by removing duplication, providing relevant user journeys and enabling omni-platform publishing is enticing. But how do you turn the theories into […]

Track D: Embedding Strategic Thinking