Tim Senft

Digital Communications Director at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University

Tim Senft is a writer and content strategist, currently working for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. For two decades, he has communicated to internal and external audiences for individuals, institutions, and academics in a variety of formats: print, speech, web, and social. He’s an old punk and a nerd. If there is something you’d like to know about comic books, role-playing games, or the history of punk rock, just ask.

My Sessions

Breakout 1c: Slay the Snail: Innovate in an Innovation-Unfriendly Environment


Higher education moves at an uncomfortably slow pace. Whether it’s design-by-committee or wait-until-next-year’s-budget, keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape is difficult. When a team in flux was asked to produce a brand new thing-with-many-parts quickly, the project could have been devoured by the snail of higher ed. Luckily, I run Dungeons and Dragons […]

Breakout Session