Tracy Playle

CEO & Content Strategist
Pickle Jar Communications

Tracy Playle is a content strategist with a specialist focus on the education sector.

Prior to founding Pickle Jar Communications, Tracy worked as the Head of Research-TV, an innovative broadcast and digital PR service based at the University of Warwick. Since making the move to consultancy in 2007, Tracy has worked with over 160 schools, colleges and universities develop their content and digital communication strategies.

As CEO and Chief Content Strategist at Pickle Jar Communications, Tracy is responsible for leading a team of content strategists and content creators working on behalf of a range of education sector clients. She also spends her time contributing to thought leadership on the emerging discipline of content strategy in the education sector and beyond by blogging, contributing to books and publications, and speaking at conferences around the world.

She is the founder of ContentEd and also a CASE Crystal Apple Award winner.

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Closing remarks from ContentEd Founder and Chair, Tracy Playle.


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Keynote: Portals to condition the mind: using content experiences to inspire curiosity and compassion


As Alice descends into Wonderland, the portal through which she passes conditions her mind ever more to a state of curiosity. As the children pass through the wardrobe into Narnia, so too they become curious explorers. As you venture into Disney World, a monorail transports you from the mundanity of the every day, to the […]