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The UK higher education sector alone turned over £37.2 billion in 2017-18*. And our conference attracted delegates from even further afield. Could your company help the sector develop and grow, and in turn help your business grow? If so, then ContentEd might be the conference for you to support.


This section of the site is designed to provide information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities for the 2020 ContentEd conference. The conference is a great opportunity for relevant and leading companies to network with influencers and leaders in education sector marketing, communications, web development, digital engagement, and more. 


What is ContentEd?

ContentEd is Europe’s only conference for content strategy in the education sector. It was founded in 2017 with a sell-out conference in London (UK) attracting delegates from universities and colleges in 12 countries. Our 2018 conference saw the number of delegates nearly double and an extra speaker track was added to the programme. In July 2019, our conference attracted nearly 300 attendees from 16 different countries. 

The conference leads the dialogue around content strategy and evolving forms of communications and marketing in the education sector.


Why sponsor?

ContentEd is where content professionals connect and gather to advance their institutions’ approach to content strategy and management.

Content strategy and management is an emerging discipline in the education sector. As the success of ContentEd 2017-2019 demonstrated, it’s a growth area that professionals in this sector are taking very seriously and keen to learn more about.

This provides an excellent opportunity for those able to support the sector as it embraces and advances content strategy and new content management approaches.

ContentEd offers a unique opportunity in Europe for content strategy – and your company – to take centre stage amongst education institutions.


Who should sponsor?

ContentEd is sponsored by companies that care and really contribute to advancing content strategy and management.

We only enter sponsorship arrangements with those who truly have value to bring to the sector in the planning, structuring, creation, distribution and management of content. This means that our conference is perfect for companies that are:

    • Content strategists
    • Digital strategists
    • Content creators
    • Website developers and design agencies
    • CMS, CRM or DAM suppliers
    • Support the measurement and evaluation of content
    • Supporting multi-channel approaches
    • Improving professional development and knowledge relating to content strategy
    • Education-sector specialists supporting digital, communications and marketing functions

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*Data provided from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency