How many people do you expect to attend in 2020?

In 2019, ContentEd was attended by just under 300 delegates. We expect ContentEd 2020 to expand from our previous conferences, so we have chosen a venue that caters for up to 400 delegates.

Where will the conference take place?

ContentEd 2020 will be held at the Bristol Grand Hotel in Bristol, UK

Can we pay for a speaking slot?

No. All speaking slots are strictly offered on the merit of the session topic, relevance to our audience and experience of the speaker. We do not offer any paid-for speaking slots. However, you may choose to be the named sponsor for one of our keynote sessions, during which we’ll say a few words about your company before introducing the speaker.

If we sponsor, when do we have to pay?

Sponsorship helps us greatly with the cash flow of running a large conference in an extremely good and well-located venue. It also helps us with marketing the conference farther and wider, thus helping you to reach a larger audience too. Therefore we issue sponsorship invoices when agreements are sent and ask that invoices are paid within 30 days of the date of invoice. If the conference is less than 30 days away, then we ask for payment before the conference takes place.

As a sponsor, can we attend for free?

This depends on the level of sponsorship that you opt for. Some packages do include delegate places as part of the agreement. Others may offer discounted places. Please see the Packages and Opportunities page for more information.

Do companies get charged more than institutions to attend the conference?

No way! We believe that everyone in this sector has something to offer and should be able to access great conferences like this. Often companies – especially small ones (like our own!) – have tiny professional development budgets. So why should they be penalised to attend the conference? Everyone pays the same rate depending on when they book and whether they’re a previous attendee or a current client of Pickle Jar Communications.

Will our competitors be sponsoring too?

Perhaps. Best get in there early to carve out the best package for you! We won’t turn other relevant sponsors away, but we will be completely open with you about who our other sponsors are. If you don’t wish to sponsor the same event as them, we totally understand.

How much time will we have to network and chat with delegates?

If your sponsorship agreement includes attendance at the conference, or you also book as a delegate, then you’ll have plenty of time to network. This includes:

  • During registration periods
  • During all coffee breaks
  • During lunch breaks
  • At the Thursday evening conference reception
  • At the speakers drinks reception (if you sponsor that event, since it’s invite-only)

All refreshments are served in the same space where exhibitor stands will be set up, so you’ll have plenty of time to chat and network.

If we exhibit, when can we set up?

We typically ask exhibitors to arrive slightly earlier on the first day of the conference to set up their exhibition stands.

Is there a shell-scheme in place for exhibitors?

No. Stands must be free-standing. We advise that small pop-up stands are the best for the space available.

How promotional can we be in blog posts?

If a blog post is included as part of your sponsorship, we encourage you to attract people to your company by sharing your knowledge, expertise and best practice. We discourage a straight-forward sales pitch (and have the right to refuse such content), since that’s not the kind of content that our site visitors tend to want to read anyway. We will always include a link to your sponsor page from the blog post. Blog posts will also be promoted through the ContentEd Twitter account.

We can’t afford to or don’t want to pay for sponsorship – can we be a conference partner instead?

Maybe. This all depends on the arrangement that you’re willing to offer. We’re more likely to accept this arrangement if you offer to provide something that we genuinely need for the conference (a service, for example) or have a great way of helping us to market the conference to a much wider audience in return for associating your company with the conference. Drop us a line to discuss this further.

You haven’t answered my question… can I ask you directly?

Of course! Tell us what we’ve missed and we’ll get back with a reply to you right away. Contact the ContentEd team by email to hello@contentedlive.com