What are the biggest benefits to gain from an effective content strategy?

At ContentEd you will hear a lot about content strategy. Often its definition is hard to pin down, but one thing that can always be agreed upon is that an effective content strategy has many benefits.

In the latest instalment of our Ask the Experts series, we turned to our line-up of speakers and asked them to share what benefits they think institutions could gain from having an effective content strategy in place.

Jo Redfern
Managing Director, Education Cubed Ltd

“Engaging your users is the single biggest win that can be made. By forging and maintaining a valuable relationship with your audience you are doing a huge amount of the leg work in terms of recruiting much higher up in the funnel, whilst proving yourself to be a responsible, engaged and helpful presence in an extremely competitive market where your audience is empowered.”

Dougal Scaife
Head of Digital Experience and Engagement, Leeds Beckett University

“If nothing else then having a defined strategy at least helps you get your story straight. But remember that if your offer is convoluted, contradictory and difficult to understand then you can’t expect to just put it on your website and everything will be fine. Your website will not solve the problems with your offer – it will simply reflect them. Having a good strategy should force you to look critically at your offer and if you can’t really explain it then perhaps you need to fix your offer, not your content.”

Richelle Quinn and John Ferguson
Senior Marketing Business Partner and Head of Content and Channels, Sheffield Hallam University

“Understanding the customer and delivering what they need enables an institution to build trust and a relationship with them. There is a continued dialogue rather than a one of ‘sell’.”

Rob Mills
Head of Content, GatherContent

“Confidence in their content – ensuring it meets business goals and audience needs. Also, efficiency in processes and with resources. A clear way to maintain and measure content is a big benefit too, making sure content stays relevant and being able to make informed decisions based on how existing content is performing.”

Daniel Marrable
Director, 448 Studio Ltd

“One of the biggest benefits of an effective content strategy is the peace of mind. With so much emphasis on mental wellbeing, a plan is so useful when understanding an organisations capacity for developing content. Giving employees a chance to catch their breath between campaigns, put their efforts into high return and engaging content, and giving them the foresight to be able to troubleshoot challenges in advance is so valuable.”

Cameron Pegg
Content and Storytelling Strategist, cameronpegg.com.au

“A more effective content strategy means smarter, evidence-based use of internal resources to generate information that will better engage with your external stakeholders. It’s a no-brainer, really!”

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