What are we looking for in ContentEd session proposals?

We’re on the hunt for some truly amazing speakers to take to the ContentEd stage in June 2019. And that could be you. But if you still need convincing to take the first step in putting pen to paper and writing your session proposal, we’ve laid out a few things that we’re looking for.


A blend of speakers

We have a engaged community of education-based marketing, communications, web and content professionals who are keen to learn from the best minds in the sector. We are looking for speakers who really understand the challenges faced by those within the education sector, and can offer insightful approaches to remedy these.

If you’re working within the education sector, we’re open to receiving a submission from you, whatever your role. Speakers from schools, colleges, universities, or education-based agencies, consultancies or freelancers are all welcome.


A wide range of formats

Each session will last 55 minutes long, including time for questions from delegates. And in that time, you could highlight…

  • A case study you’ve worked on
  • A project your institution has learned from
  • A concept to help people to improve their processes
  • An approach you took to a certain project or problem
  • A tool that has benefitted your work

Remember, we want to hear beyond the success stories too. If you found that something did not work as well in one of your projects, share with us what you’ve learnt and how you’ve improved because of it.


A even wider range of topics

Accessibility, governance, storytelling, content marketing, user journeys… we’re interested in it all. In previous years, we’ve had sessions on breaking through silos, creating a user-generated content strategy, effective content collaboration, structured content, personalisation, user needs: you name it, we’ve probably covered it.

So, if you need a spark of inspiration, you could cover these one of these possible topics in your session proposal:

A case study or project about…

  • Developing a content strategy for a website redevelopment or other digital project
  • Designing accessible and usable content
  • Creating content that tells an engaging story
  • Crafting an audience-centred campaign using effective content
  • Embedding emerging technologies or trends into your content strategy.

An approach to…

  • Designing and implement a content strategy in your institution
  • Creating content that is useful, usable, relevant and relatable
  • Developing an audience-first approach to content
  • Gaining buy-in for content strategy
  • Working collaboratively across silos
  • Content marketing, structuring and planning.

Tools and insights to help with…

  • Measuring and evaluating content and content strategy
  • Understanding your audiences through insights and data
  • Personalising and automating content
  • Implementing methods of governance and control.

And that’s not all. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re thinking of something that we’ve not mentioned, we’d still be intrigued to hear it. For more inspiration, see our full list of possible topics, or the sessions we accepted onto our programmes in 2017 and 2018.


If you’d like to advance your knowledge of content strategy, you can find out more about ContentEd, book a ticket to our next conference, or take a look at our blog.

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