What are you looking forward to at ContentEd 2019?

To get you ready for ContentEd 2019, we’ve asked some of our speakers to give us an idea of what they’ll be looking forward to this year.

This is the first in our Ask the Experts series, so keep an eye out for more from our speakers over the next few months.

Mike Powers
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“First of all, the amazing lineup of speakers, including leaders in newer areas of content strategy like content design and content ops. Just as important for me is the chance to spend time with others in higher ed content strategy. The emotional support is just as important as the knowledge that gets dropped. And, of course, Edinburgh.”

Tracy Playle
CEO & Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

“I’m super excited about celebrating the first ever ContentEd awards at this year’s conference. It’ll be the first time that we also have a proper conference dinner for everyone and not just a quick social drink. So it’s going to feel really special as we all enjoy that longer time together in a spectacular venue and celebrate the amazing work that the sector is doing.”

Rob Mills
Head of Content, GatherContent

“So much! Catching up with pals, visiting the beautiful city of Edinburgh, representing GatherContent, being part of the awards judging panel, and generally being surrounded by content experts, attending lots of fantastic talks.”

Kezia Falconer and Natasha Quinn
Student-Alumni Engagement Officer and Social and Digital Media Officer, University of Glasgow

“We’re really excited to meet lots of the other ContentEd delegates, particularly those from across the seas who will be coming to our home turf. We’re also looking forward to continuing the donut chat that’s already started on Twitter around our session! Plus, it’s nostalgic for Tash as she went to school trips at the venue!”

Jo Redfern
Managing Director, Education Cubed

“As conferences go, it’s one of the few where I am torn as to which sessions to go to, so I am looking forward to another good line up. In addition to checking in with some old mates, I look forward to meeting new sector people. Conferences are one of the best ways in which to start and build long standing relationships.”

Robert Perry
Head of Research, Pickle Jar Communications

“The ContentEd lineup is always brilliant, and the problem with being a speaker is my talk clashes with three others that I want to go to! But I’m mainly looking forward to learning from everyone – some of the best bits of ContentEd are the conversations between sessions. You never know what cool person you might meet.”

Dougal Scaife
Head of Digital Experience and Engagement, Leeds Beckett University

“Aside from a trip up to sunny Scotland? I’m always interested to hear what other people are doing, how they are innovating, and what new technologies are out there. There are always things you can learn, that you can expand on. There are things you can spot and think “That’s cool, but we could subvert that and try using it for doing this thing over here which no one seems to have thought about yet….” I’ll have a bunch of new ideas, most of which will go nowhere but one or two might actually make a difference.”

Daniel Marrable
Director, 448 Studio

“ContentEd is one of my favourite conferences, meeting delegates and speakers alike is what I’m most looking forward to. It’s truly amazing the connections you make by just being open to chatting with people over coffee or lunch, and the fact that this year it’s coming to Scotland is just the cherry on the cake.”

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