What to prepare before ContentEd

It’s not long until ContentEd. We’ve compiled a handy list of what you should prepare before you attend.


Coming to ContentEd next week? Here are our top tips to get the most out of the conference.


1. Do some programme prep

The programme is the best place to start your prep. Take a look at the sessions on offer to get your creative juices following – and remind yourself which ones you’ve signed up for! We’ll supply you with a personalised timetable when you arrive too.

2. Check the forecast

The British summer is predictably unpredictable, so come prepared for anything. Conference rooms can often be chilly, but there will also be chances to get outside during ContentEd, so plan for changing temperatures. And if it’s hot, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Connect with other delegates

ContentEd is not just a two-day event, it’s a year-round community. Join the conference Slack group, get tweeting using  and make new friends before you’ve even arrived.

4. You’ve got the power

There are power sockets for each seat in the main auditorium, but it’s still good to come prepared. To paraphrase Hitchhiker’s Guide, a real hoopy frood is a person that really knows where their external phone battery is. Bring two with you, and make sure they’re fully charged in the morning. Not only do they keep your phone charged, they’re also a great ice-breaker when you step in as a saviour for someone who’s nearly running on empty – *networking klaxon*.

5. Come prepared to network 

Make sure you’ve seen to the basics. You know the drill: pack your business cards, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date… However, the real magic is in the follow-up. Schedule some time after the conference to check in with people who you exchanged contact details with. Or if you really want people to remember you, maybe produce a blog post of your thoughts and link people in.

6. Ask away

Come prepared with questions for the speakers and for your fellow delegates. What issues do you really want to discuss with like-minded professionals? What barriers are you struggling to overcome? What’s the area of content strategy you’ve never understood? Make it your mission to go home with some answers.

7. Study the sponsors

This year’s ContentEd will offer you the chance to meet some of the sector’s leading suppliers in our Exhibition Hall. Take a look at the list of our fabulous sponsors to see who you might want to meet.

8. Work out your workflow

Think in advance how you want to record the gems of wisdom you’ll be hearing. Will you be taking lots of notes for later? Snapping images of key slides? Or are you hoping to share the best bits on your social media channels? Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job to help you capture and share without getting distracted.

If you’d like to further your knowledge, you can find out more about ContentEd, book a ticket to our next conference or submit a proposal to speak. 

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