Why take the time to enter the ContentEd Awards?

Some of us have watched so many awards shows on television, or attended so many awards ceremonies for our sector, that we become jaded about their value.

It’s just another opportunity for people to pat themselves on the back – you might think.

Others among us submit so many awards entries every year that we struggle to keep track of them.

We believe there’s a gaping whole in the pack of awards ceremonies relating to people involved in content strategy and education marketing.

In launching the ContentEd Awards as part of ContentEd 2020, we hope to bring some hidden heroes into the spotlight, so we all have an opportunity to learn, to celebrate, and to dream.


Why are people entering the ContentEd Awards?

We understand that submitting entries and detailing a project you may have already completed can feel like a distraction from whatever you’re working on now and next. But here are 5 reasons people are entering the ContentEd Awards:

  1. You and your team deserve recognition for your hard work and creativity
  2. Your work can inspire and equip others in our sector
  3. If you are an agency, awards ceremonies provide the perfect environment for promoting your business and networking
  4. Winning or even being shortlisted for an award might help you wrangle resources from your institution
  5. Content strategists in the education sector deserves a place to celebrate the great work we’re doing with limited resources. Where better than at ContentEd?

If that’s not enough, imagine reading about one of your competitors winning an award you think your team deserved.


Which award(s) should you enter?

We have given you the option to submit an entry for multiple awards or focus on a single award. The six categories for the inaugural ContentEd Awards are:

1. User Focus Award

Developing truly user-centred thinking has been a common struggle for major institutions. If you’ve felt like the dial has moved where you are this year, you are a contender for this award. Show us the research process you adopted, the significant insights gained, and how these clearly led to a shift in organisational thinking.

2. Better Storytelling Award

In a highly competitive marketplace such as the education sector, one way institutions get ahead of the pack is by thinking creatively about how, when and where they tell their stories. If you think you’re taking an innovative approach to the kind of stories you’re telling, or the way you’re using multiple channels, for example, tell us about it in your submission.

3. Pioneer Award

Now some of us, particularly the British, may feel reluctant referring to ourselves with a term like pioneer. But if you’re breaking new ground in any aspect of content strategy, or others in our sector ask how you’re succeeding at something particular, it might be time to accept the label. If it’s any comfort, you may be asked to give it up next year.

4. Excellence in Content Strategy

Don’t all the other awards have to do with this? Yes, that’s true. But our judges want to give this award to someone consistently showing excellence in multiple aspects of content strategy. They are looking for individuals or teams with a track record of championing the principles of content strategy in the education sector.

5. Collaborator Award

Do you work in the kind of team that’s greater than the sum of its parts? Where the way you work together is fundamental to your success? If your institution or team regularly breaks through silos to creating a lasting culture of collaboration, we want to hear from you.

6. Best Content-Led Campaign

Running campaigns for recruitment, fundraising, awareness raising  or any measurable goal is the bread and butter of communications and marketing in education. If a campaign you were involved with couldn’t have succeeded without a creative content strategy at its forefront, you have the potential to win this category.

Still stuck about which category to enter?

Some of the criteria of the categories will overlap, that reflects the fluid nature of content strategy as an emerging discipline.  So we encourage you to think of them as different ways of framing or presenting the great work you’ve done this year. So choose the frame that fits your project best.


How long do I have left to submit my entry?

The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 March 2020. Please use our submission form to provide details of your entry and attach related content (such as screenshots of relevant content or infographics communicating the success of a project).

Before entering the ContentEd Awards, please see our award rules and guidelines.

And we’ll look forward to seeing you all dressed up and ready to win in Bristol on Thursday 11 June 2020.

If you’d like to advance your knowledge of content strategy, you can find out more about ContentEd, book a ticket to our next conference, or take a look at our blog.

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